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About us

Our recording studios were founded in 1963 by Dasi and Avi Yaffe.
For over 40 years, our studios have been offering a wide array of professional services, including music recording, narration, postproduction, outdoor recording, editing services, technical services for professional journalists, and radio broadcasts for stations from all over the world.
Our flexibility and versatility enable us to accommodate any audio solution required.
Our studios are located in Jerusalem (near the entrance to the city) and include recording, editing, broadcast and control facilities. In addition, we operate on location a professional retail store offering hi-end stereo systems, home cinema equipment and headphones.

Our services include:

Music and narration studio

  • Computer-based recording, editing and mixing systems using ProTools 6.7
  • Professional microphones by Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser and more.
  • Piano: Yamaha ux-3.
  • Effects library, including effects tools such as Lexicon 200 (an off-key detection tool)
  • Tube-based mastering system


  • Postproduction services are Beta-synchronized and performed using ProTools 6.7 on a Power Mac G5
  • Professional sound editing, including soundtracks for films, television shows and plays
  • Wide array of plug-ins and filters
  • Recording of narration in various languages
  • Matching and editing of sound effects
  • Adding music
  • Improvement/amplification of existing soundtracks
  • Transfer of master video to Beta, DVD, VCD, Mini DV and VHS formats
  • Transfer of independent soundtracks to CD, DVD, DAT audio tapes, magnetic tapes, and other formats.

Recording improvement and reconstruction

Copies made from magnetic tapes (1/4" reel-to-reel) and records (of all speeds), improving the old sound as much as possible and transferring it to a modern format.

Expert court opinions

Validation of tape originality and continuity, presentation of an expert opinion, and appearance as an expert witness in court.

Internet radio broadcasts at www.isracast.com

IsraCast is an independent, multimedia broadcast and distribution network that focuses on Israeli foreign affairs and defense issues. This non-profit website provides up-to-date and in-depth analysis and comment on the major news events of the day. The website has been operating on a full time basis providing integrated written and audio reports, exclusive interviews, flash presentations and photos. The high quality audio material is available to radio stations and websites, as is all the other material. 

Broadcasts to foreign radio stations and technical services for journalists

See separate page

Outdoor recording and sound amplification

Specializing in small events (lectures, conferences, plays and shows), we offer professional digital or analog recording that can be edited in the studio.

Professional equipment rental

Microphones, Headphones, Portable Mini-Disc, DAT, Cassette Recorders and more.

Duplication of CDs and audiotapes

In small (individual media) or commercial (over 500) amounts.

Professional store

Professional store offering hi-end stereo systems, home cinema equipment and headphones
Speakers for home and garden, subwoofers, amps and preamps for stereo systems, LCD and plasma screens, CD and DVD players, radio receivers, headphones and headphone amps, record players, home cinema equipment, home cinema projectors, universal remote controls, cables and accessories.


Avi Yaffe Jerusalem Recording Studios Ltd., Since 1963 Developed By Deckel Studio