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Radio studio Facilities

We provide professional radio studio facilities for journalists, including:

Live ISDN transmission
ISDN settings: G-722 communication protocol, Working rate: 64 kbps.

Round- table radio broadcasts

Telephone interviews and conference callsradio
via Sonifex Hybrid

Editing and recording
Analog and digital recording and editing studio,
including computer (ProTools and PC), CD, DAT, Mini-Disc,
and 1/4" magnetic tape recorder (reel-to-reel).
We also offer post-production and music recording services.

Professional equipment rental
Microphones, Headphones, Portable Mini-Disc, DAT,
Cassette Recorders , and more.

Audio media
CD, Mini-Disc, DAT, ¼" Magnetic Tape, Audio Cassettes.

Additional radio studio services
Improvement of recording quality , mastering, CD recording, CD/Audio cassette duplication (real-time / quick copy),
extensive sound effects library, referral to professional announcers (voice talent ), and more.

Avi Yaffe Jerusalem Recording Studios Ltd., Since 1963 Developed By Deckel Studio