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1+1 V2+ Binding Posts
1+1 V2+ Binding Posts
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The 1+1 is the most unique small footprint loudspeaker in the world. Like all Audience ClairAudient speakers, it features the single wideband driver design that delivers a totally transparent sound due to the lack of a crossover. However, in this model a bi-pole configuration is used which expands the soundstage, extends low frequency and increases power handling. There are active full range drivers on the front and back which are complemented by passive radiators on each side. The jewel-like enclosure is a joy to look at and will fit into any room where space is at a premium and high quality sound is desired. Affordable and amazing, the 1+1 must be heard to be believed.

Right from the first introduction of this awesomely innovative design from Audience the 1+1 received lofty recognition from the prominent high end audio publications; The Absolute Sound, from the world debut at THE Show Newport in June 2012, and again from THE Show Las Vegas in Jan 2013 John Atkinson, editor of Stereophile Magazine states “The sound was dynamic with surprisingly extended low frequencies”.

Introduced at CES 2016, the 1+1 is now available in our V2+ configuration, which includes new A3S2-16 drivers. These drivers are greatly improved due to:

  • more powerful motor resulting from the use of higher quality steel in making the magnets.
  • higher tolerance fit of motor to basket assembly connection resulting from re-tooling of the basket and CNC machining of the motor structure.
  • implementation of Audience proprietary OCC copper tensile wires.
  • elimination of jumper wires and 10 solder connections resulting from the conversion of dual 8 ohm voice coil design to a single 16 ohm voice coil.

The V2+ includes the above listed improvements plus beautiful solder-free Tellurium spring tension binding posts and internal wiring with new Audience Au24 SX wire.

The sonic improvements of the V2+ design is nothing short of stunning. These improvements put the loudspeakers into a different class. They are more "high end". They sound like larger and more capable loudspeakers with noticeably more finesse, dynamics and resolution.

As of August, 2018 the 1+1 loudspeaker is available in Version 3 (V3) which includes the best of the V2+ in addition to some great new technologies. The improvements of the V3 loudspeakers are very significant resulting from the implementation of  improved voice coil technology. The V3 voice coil technology provides faster rise time and greater control of the driver. Additionally, the V3 loudspeaker internal wiring includes the metallurgic improvements represented in the new Audience flagship frontRow cables wiring. The end result of these improvements is not subtle. The V3 loudspeakers are notably better in just about every aspect. The resolution is greater and the background is quieter resulting in a dramatically more palpable and tonally rich presentation. Dynamics and sound staging are also improved. The combination of these new features is not just an upgrade … it warrants a whole new model version.

As of July, 2021 1+1 loudspeakers are available in Version 4 (V4). The improvements of the V4 loudspeakers are very significant resulting from the implementation of improved passive radiators and top of the line Eichmann ultra-low mass pure copper binding posts. Previous versions of The ONE can be upgraded.


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