Caspian Reference Phono Speed Control (RPM)

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Caspian Reference Phono Speed Control (RPM)
Caspian Reference Phono Speed Control (RPM)
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The Caspian RPM is the external reference power supply for the Xerxes turntables.

It uses the DS1.5 power supply module delivering the smoothest possible signal to the turntable’s motor.

The RPM speed control is the Reference Speed Controller for all Xerxes turntables. Featuring a super high-quality crystal speed control system and a reference linear DS1.5 power supply, it maintains pitch perfect speed stability for both 33 and 45 RPM.

Thanks to the advanced digital speed control PCB – the speed can either be increased or decreased up to 6.25 % either way. This is a very useful addition for customers in areas or countries with unstable or poor currency voltage to attain the exact, correct speed.


Key Features

  • Advanced digital speed control PCB
  • Pitch-perfect accurate speed stability
  • Flagship DS1.5 power supply module employed
  • 33 or 45 RPM speed selection
  • Adjustable speed control in micro-increments up to 6.25 % either way



Output Voltage

16 V RMS (33 / 45 RPM)


0 degrees and 90 degrees

DC Offset

<10 mV

Harmonic Distortion


Output Impedance

<0.1 ohms


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